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The 7 “C”s for Kids in Addictive Families

Children that live in families where there is active addiction can experience  long-term emotional issues if not treated properly. As mentioned before in previous blogs, addiction is an extremely isolating illness that affects everyone in the family; even the smallest of family members.

Taking on personal blame for the alcoholic’s or addict’s behavior is not specific to the adults in the family. In addition, most children do not have the vocabulary to express themselves adequately in families where active addiction is present. Quite often a child’s emotional issue can be overlooked due to their silence.

The 7 “C”s for Kids is a short list of positive instructions, (or mantra) that children can use with an adults assistance to give them a clear understanding of  their role within a family and what they are responsible for when there is a loved one suffering from addiction.

o   I didn’t cause it

o   I can’t cure it

o   I can’t control it

o   But I can take care of myself

o   By communicating my feelings

o   And making healthy choices

o   And celebrating myself


Frank Say

November 3rd, 2018

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