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The Family Systemic Model of Intervention

Much has been talked about the Johnson model of intervention in this blog which is similar to the A&E program Intervention. There are other options of intervention, one of them being the Family Systemic Model. A Family Systemic Model is a way that an entire family can truly heal from an addiction as a whole if the family is involved with the treatment. The ultimate goal of the Family Systemic Model is the entire family will become motivated to seek treatment for themselves and to teach them the following healthy traits:

Communicating in a healthy way




Family Systemic Model vs Johnson Model of Intervention

There are five basic points of a Family Systemic Model, which takes a regular intervention and gives a twist, focusing on the entire family along with the addict. A normal intervention has five points that basically describe what goes on. These five points include:

·         All meetings prior to the intervention only involve the family members. The addict is not told about the intervention.

·         The intervention occurs only once – this is strictly for effectiveness.

·         An Intervention occurs in a controlled environment that includes a trained counselor.

·         Once the intervention occurs, daily life must go on.

·         An addict must choose whether or not they enter into rehab. Whether they agree to it or not, the family must stick firm to the consequences that were outlined during the Intervention.


A Family Systemic Model Intervention is completely different. The following points listed below show how a family systemic model is outlined as well as how it differs from a normal intervention.

·         There are no planned meetings that are hidden from the addict. In fact, when a meeting is set up with a trained interventionist the addict goes to the very first one.

·         During the meetings, all family members and the addict openly discuss the way the addict’s behavior has impacted each one’s lives. It is not a one way conversation – it can go back in forth in a controlled manner.

·         Instead of having one big meeting for the intervention, there could be several meetings a week and the process can last months at a time.

·         Both the addict and family members commit to entering some type of counseling. Most likely, the addict will attend an inpatient rehab to get over the addiction. Afterward, the addict will join the family therapy sessions that occur while he/she is in rehab. The family commits to therapy sessions while the addict is in rehab as well as afterward as one family unit.


The Family Systemic works best in a situation where the individual who’s suffering from substance abuse is still able to manage his/her own daily tasks with some efficiency. Going to work, paying bills and the ability to run errands are important for the family systemic. In short: the person has not hit “Rock Bottom” and can still engage in this session. They do not need medical assistance and do not need to be medically detoxed especially in the case of alcohol abuse.  If the individual is using drugs or alcohol around the clock on a consistent basis, its best to consider the more formal approach (Johnson Model) to an intervention as this person most likely will not be able to participate in the Family Systemic approach and its sessions. professional intervention coach

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Frank Say

March 2018



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U Recover to host series: Family and Addiction at Sto-Rox Community Resource Center

U recover will be hosting a lunch & learn series on  The Family and Addiction at the Sto-Rox Community Resource Center in Mckees Rocks Pennsylvania. The sessions will be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month with alternating topics and is currently beginning March 2018.

This is a timely topic regarding addiction and the community. The series will also address specific needs and provide tools which a family requires when dealing with addiction.

March Topics include:  March 8th:Understanding Addiction,  March 22nd: The Healing Family.    

For additional information please contact The Sto-Rox Community Resource Center at 500 Charties Avenue, Mckees Rocks PA, 15136. 412-331-1685  


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U Recover to Attend Sto-Rox Opioid Summit

U Recover will be attending the Sto-Rox Opioid Summit at the Sto-Rox elementary school, 300 Ewing Road,  Mckees Rocks Pennsylvania 15136 on January 31st, 2018 from 5pm to 7:30pm.

The Summit will be an unique gathering of community organizations and professionals all focused on providing information and hope in regards to the opioid crisis that has created challenges for small communities like Mckees Rocks, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

The summit will provide expert panels, personal narratives and testimonies, information tables, support networking, guest speakers, community resources, community conversations and a message of hope.

Frank Say 1/20/2018

Professional Recovery Intervention and Family Therapy
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