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The Way We Talk About Drug ‘Abuse’ Is Harmful

Matt Ferner National Reporter, The Huffington Post

Substance use disorder is a medical circumstance

Substance use disorder is a medical circumstance ― a brain disease that can be targeted and treated. But when we use words like “junkie” and “crackhead,” we frame the issue in moral terms, suggesting that people with substance use disorders simply lack the willpower to get better.

And that’s not helpful for anyone.

That’s the contention of Michael Botticelli, the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, which is working to change the way Americans talk about addiction.
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Intervention May Be the Nudge People Need to Get Help

It is extremely painful to stand by and watch someone’s life be destroyed. Yet that’s the position family members find themselves in when an addicted loved one denies having a problem with alcohol or other drugs. Until that person admits the need for help, there is usually little that can be done.

Professionals who conduct formal interventions into the disease process believe they can help families and friends hold up a mirror to their loved ones, convincing them to confront their problem before they hit bottom—before losing job, health and family.
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Intervention Without Lights, Camera, Action

The A&E Network’s show Intervention ran from 2005 until 2015 giving audiences 14 seasons of viewing and insight into the lives of people struggling with addiction and the families who sit back and watch helplessly.  The show also gave a glimpse into the process of what is needed to pull off a successful intervention with family, loved ones and a trained interventionist.

The show was well done and very sensitive to the need of all participants.  The primary focus of each episode focused 75% on the addict or alcoholic going through their day, using and drinking and finding money to continue the next day. Only about the last portion of each episode dealt with the intervention itself with the interventionist and family explaining the process and strategizing. Continue reading …

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Will Recovery Be A Brand That President Donald Trump Is Known For?

(Article reposted from Young People in Recovery)

I wonder how President-elect Donald Trump will respond to our nation’s top public health matter, addiction recovery. As a husband, father, brother, son, uncle, budding entrepreneur completing my Executive MBA, and a person in long-term recovery, I wonder if he will have the strategic fortitude to know he MUST surround himself with the talented and extraordinary leaders that have the lived experience in this public health matter. If one was tasked with constructing a new building, they would hire leaders that had the unique abilities to undertake such a project. The addiction crisis is no different; we must retain leaders that know how to bring forth comprehensive solutions for addiction through supporting resources for prevention, treatment, and recovery. Continue reading …

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The Johnson Model

In the 1960′s there was an Episcopal priest who was interested in studying addiction as well as a way to stop it. The main concern of this priest was to prevent death by addiction. Vernon Johnson was the Episcopal priest who made it his life goal to help all addicts achieve sobriety. In order to find the right method or methods, he studied 200 recovering alcoholics.

The main question behind his study of the 200 recovering alcoholics was, “What made them want to quit drinking?” Continue reading …

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