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Intervention Without Lights, Camera, Action

The A&E Network’s show Intervention ran from 2005 until 2015 giving audiences 14 seasons of viewing and insight into the lives of people struggling with addiction and the families who sit back and watch helplessly.  The show also gave a glimpse into the process of what is needed to pull off a successful intervention with family, loved ones and a trained interventionist.

The show was well done and very sensitive to the need of all participants.  The primary focus of each episode focused 75% on the addict or alcoholic going through their day, using and drinking and finding money to continue the next day. Only about the last portion of each episode dealt with the intervention itself with the interventionist and family explaining the process and strategizing.

A&E did not show its audience anything that didn’t happen or misrepresent in anyway the process of an intervention; it simply gave more back store of the family and addict for its audience who needed a point of reference.

With  U Recover, The most important aspect of an intervention is what the A&E show calls the Pre-Intervention process where an interventionist speaks with family and friends who will be on the Intervention Team and strategize of how to get the person struggling with their addiction into treatment. After all, the primary goal of any Intervention is to get the addict into treatment.

The majority of healing begins after the individual is in treatment. Healing for both the individual as well as the family; addiction is a family illness and U Recover is always sensitive to this fact.

With U Recover, the Intervention is broken down into a  5 day process:

  • Day 1) Initial Contact and Pre-Intervention Counseling and Evaluation
  • Day 2) Scheduling and Intervention Team building
  • Day 3) Intervention Team Consultation and Strategy day
  • Day 4) Intervention Day and Transportation to Treatment.
  • Day 5) Post Intervention Counseling and Follow-up.

Depending on how ready the team is, the process could vary in its timeline. Factors that influence an Intervention are gathering up willing team members, the distance in which some team members may have to travel and travel time to licensed treatment facility.  A family may already have participants ready to be part of the Intervention Team standing by, as well as have Post Intervention counseling for the family scheduled. All of which would move the Intervention process along faster

The above timeline is only a guide to show the process with U Recover and is not written in stone, as Interventions deal with people as well as the individual suffering from addiction and that unplanned things can occur during the process.

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