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The Johnson Model

In the 1960′s there was an Episcopal priest who was interested in studying addiction as well as a way to stop it. The main concern of this priest was to prevent death by addiction. Vernon Johnson was the Episcopal priest who made it his life goal to help all addicts achieve sobriety. In order to find the right method or methods, he studied 200 recovering alcoholics.

The main question behind his study of the 200 recovering alcoholics was, “What made them want to quit drinking?”

Dr. Vernon Johnson saw the value in family and loved ones being used in an intervention. During the 1970s, this was something new and very unconventional compared to other Intervention methods. Instead of family members “ganging up” on the addict and blaming them for hurtful feelings as well as memories, Dr. Johnson encouraged caring as the priority.

Over the decades the Johnson Model has been renamed and republished by others but the message has remained the same: using the strength of family and loved ones as the primary force to create willingness in the addict to seek help.

U Recover uses a comparable version of the Johnson Model to instruct families on how to work as a team, stay focused on the goal of getting the addict or alcoholic into treatment all using empathy and love as the primary driving force.

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